Dissolution, 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Super 8 to 2K, sound, 2022

What does a building look like on the verge of demolition? Typically, there is no fanfare. Some, however, peek through the tiny metal meshes while the wrecking ball gets its due and wonder what was. The structure of 888 Dupont has had many functions throughout the years. Once, it was a broom factory for veterans with disabilities. At its most recent iteration, it served as an oasis for artists over many decades. Its future looks more mundane and typical: glass cladded-condominiums. When a building with a history of community, opportunity and creativity is slated for the chopping block, does it make a sound? What would this building say to us if given the chance?


2024    (upcoming) S(8) Mostra de Cinema Preferico, A Coruña, Spain
2023    Antimatter Media Art, Vancouver, BC

2023    the8fest, Small Gauge Film Festival, Toronto, ON
2023    Wide Open Experimental Film Festival, Oklahoma City, OK
2023    Inflamável - Festival de Curtas em Super 8, Florianópolis, Brazil
2023    ByDesign Festival, Seattle, WA
2022    Engauge Experimental Film Festival, Seattle, WA
2022    Experimental Film Fest, New Bern, NC
2022    Hallucinea Film Festival – Session VII, Paris, France
2022    4theatre selection, Online Festival
2022    ROUGHER Experimental Film Festival, Toronto Metropolitan University, School of Image Arts, Toronto, ON

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“Building, whose visual building blocks come to look like rotating pasta noodles or wriggling maggots.” – Optical Noise (Oct 21, 2023)