Sculpture Restoration, 3 minutes and 30 seconds, Super 8 to 2K, silent, 2018

Sculpture Restoration is a Super 8 time-lapse that documents the restoration initiative of Peter Dickinson's reflecting pool sculpture at Centennial College’s The Story Arts Centre in Toronto. The film shows the gradual painting of the sculpture over a day in May, 2018. Dickinson's sculpture was designed for the building when it was The Toronto Teacher's College, in 1954, and the design was influenced by the Atomic Age culture of this period. The building is most famous for being the setting for the Degrassi High TV series, shot between 1989 and 1991. The sculpture seen here is a replica manufactured in the 1990s, as the original suffered from neglect and eventually rusted out. Thanks to Dean Nate Horowitz for approving this project, Fine Arts Coordinator and artist David McClyment in acquiring equipment and supplies, and to Fine Arts Graduates Julian Lynn and Matthew Oakes for providing their time and effort in this initiative.

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